Consolidating Small Business Loans

Consolidating Small Business Loans For Better Terms

When a small business first starts, they will usually accumulate a number of loans. This can include the loan that the business used to start, and then short term loans that the business used to expand and purchase additional equipment. A business will need to pay back these loans, and one of the better ways to go about doing this is to consolidate the loans. Consolidating small business loans is useful because it allows a small business to get better terms, and it allows them to reinvest more of their capital while their business is still growing.


The first reason a business should consolidate their loans is that it can allow them to get much better terms. When a new business loan is first issued it is given to a small business that probably doesn’t have an established revenue stream or credit history. This means that lenders have to charger higher interest rates because there is a change that the borrower may default. However, there is far less of a risk of an established business defaulting on a loan, and so they can get far better terms. This means that by consolidating loans a business can save money on repaying the loans.

Consolidating Small Business Loans

The second reason why a business should consolidate their business loans is that it can allow them to extend their loans. This means that a small business can make a much lower payment, and some small businesses can extend their initial loans so they pay very small payments over the course of years. This means that a small business can put the money that they would have put towards making monthly payments into their business. This can allow for their business to grow much quicker, and they can then pay off the loan when the business makes far more than it currently is.

Finally, consolidating business loans allows for a business to make only a single monthly payment. This means that they will not have to come up with money several times a month, which may require them to take out short term loans or neglect other financial obligations. The ability to make a single payment is simply easier, and it can greatly lower the chances of a small business missing a payment because of an accounting mistake.