Common Type Of Small Business Loans

Three Of The Most Common Kinds Of Small Business Loans

Small business loans are what allows small business to grow, and most small businesses will take out several of them as they become an established business. These loans can be long term loans that they pay off over time, or they can be short loans that businesses take out in order to fill a momentary budget shortfall. Three times that a business may take out loans are when they start their business, expand it, and when they need to get over a seasonal slump. It is important to know the use of these loans, and what is involved in securing each one of them.

Common small business loan

The first kind of small business loans are those that are used to start a business. Because the business is not operating yet, one will need to demonstrate that they expect the business will make money in the future. This is done by submitting a proposal that shows how the business will generate revenue. This proposal should show how much it will cost for them to produce an item, and how much they can make by selling it. A small business needs to demonstrate that there is a demand for their products, and that they will be able to do enough business to generate money. Finally, they will need estimate the operating costs of things such as renting a building, and paying for things like gas. If a business can show that they are able to raise enough money to open, that they can make money, and that they will be able to pay off the loan then they should be able to get a small business loan.

The second kind of small business loans are those that are used to expand a business. These loans are much easier to get as the business should already be making profits, and they can show that their business model works. In addition, the business should have been able to build up a credit history by this point. A business will need to submit a proposal much like when they took out a loan to get their initial loan. A business can use their existing property as a form of capital while taking out this loan. This means that if they are unable to payoff the loan they can sell such things as a building or equipment in order to pay the loan back. The ability to put down capital makes a lender much more comfortable with offering a loan, and it will allow a small business to secure much better terms to the loan.


The third kind of small business loans are those that allow a business to get over seasonal slumps. Many small business will only sell products during a certain season, or will need to spend a lot of time making an item before they can sell it. This is very true for businesses that are developing a certain kind of technology or investing in property. A business will need to submit a proposal that explains why they are not generating enough money right now. The proposal should show that they can make money once business pick up, or when they are able to complete a major sale. These kinds of short term business loans are extremely useful, and an established business with a credit history and capital should have little problem securing them.